Engineering, Product Design & Software

A main pillar of El-Com System Solutions’ success is our engineering capabilities for electronic product design. When a program requires solutions that go beyond what is currently available, our engineers can design systems from the conceptual stage through volume manufacturing to meet our customers’ unique applications. This often includes customization of off-the-shelf military and rugged products to meet our customers’ specialized requirements. Our engineering team is skilled in adapting a customer’s existing design to withstand harsh environments. Each design is reviewed and verified by a qualified engineer who looks for ways to balance system performance, cost, and ruggedness.

El-Com’s design engineering group is closely aligned with the company’s experienced program management team which utilizes risk-management/mitigation processes to ensure that an electronic product design project can be completed on time and within budget.

    El-Com’s design and engineering support team is present throughout every step of the process:

  • Engineering Design: Our experienced staff brings skills and technical knowledge to resolve your design challenges with sub-systems, testing, integration, mechanical, harnesses, gaskets, and other electro-mechanical requirements. We can work from a concept or a schematic.
  • Prototyping: Our NPI team provides quick turnaround bids, prototypes, and assistance to deliver your product on time, therefore ensuring a smooth production ramp.
  • Document Management: Engineers create manufacturing documentation (drawings, schematics, work instructions, bills of materials, assembly aids, etc.) in our system, where they are stored safely and permanently.
  • Electronic Product Design Reviews: Our engineering staff works closely with your design team to review your product layouts for potential manufacturing and assembly issues and provide you solutions to maximize manufacturing ability and minimize costs.
  • Design for Cost: Our engineers can modify a design to reduce costs and labor without sacrificing performance. El-Com’s engineers leverage their extensive experience with COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) equipment to provide alternative components and solutions aimed at achieving a balance between performance and cost.
  • Design Verification:We specialize in fine-tuning any mechanical or electrical product design.

Our wide range of services includes:

  • Electrical & Electronic Product Design
    • Board layout
    • Circuit design
    • Component recommendations
    • Component longevity testing
  • Software and Firmware Development
    • Application Software
    • Embedded Software/Firmware, all CPUs
    • Languages include C/C++, LabView, LabWindows, Visual BASIC, and many more (contact us for our full capabilities
  • Mechanical Design
    • Ruggedization
    • Design for manufacturability
    • Full design using Solidworks, compatible with Pro-E and Autodesk Inventor
    • Design analysis tools such as moldflow
    • Thermal, electromechanical, electromagnetic, and case model testing
    • Serviceability optimization
    • Manufacturability optimization
    • Ruggedized enclosure design
    • Board assembly
    • Cable assembly
    • System packaging
  • Electronic Hardware Design

    • Logic Design, all H/W Technologies
    • Analog, DC thru RF/Microwave
    • Audio, Analog thru Digital, all Standards
    • Video, Analog thru Digital, all Standards
    • Power Systems, AD/DC/High Voltage
  • Testing
    • Specialized Acceptance Test Equipment (ATE)
    • Specialized Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) and Acceptance Test reports (ATR)
    • Qualification testing plans and protocols
    • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
    • Lifecycle Management
    • RMA Processing
    • Replacement Parts
    • Upgrade paths