Testing & Qualification Capabilities

A vital element of El-Com’s process is the implementation of Environmental Stress Screening (ESS). This type of testing uses automated equipment to simulate the harsh real-world conditions that our products may face every day. It is through testing that we perfect product designs, identify production improvements, and maintain quality standards across our product lines. In addition, by simulating the environmental conditions that our products will endure, we identify any potential flaws in either the design or workmanship in a controlled lab environment.

The ESS testing is performed by certified technicians in our facility in Garden Grove, CA. We also have certified partner facilities at our disposal, which help augment our internal capability and resources to provide the best economical and effective solution for our products and customers.

    Our facilities have test areas to help assess the following:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Extended Temperature
  • Leak
  • Altitude
  • Halt & Hass
  • Shock
  • Prolonged Vibration
  • Submersion
  • Salt/Fog
  • Long-Term Reliability Testing
  • Altitude

Our products also undergo prolonged testing during fully automatic installation (FAI), during the production phase (either at an acceptable quality level [AQL] level or 100% depending on program requirements), and during the return and service process.

Environmental Chambers–Controlled Temperature and Humidity
Our environmental chambers.
One of our visual scans.
Another visual scan.
Engineering: Immersion Leak Testing
Immersion leak testing equipment.
Shock and Vibration Testing
A piece of vibration testing equipment.
Shock and vibration testing station.
A product diagram.
More shock and vibration testing equipment.