Product Design & Manufacture

El-Com Systems Solutions operates five separate business units housed within the same facility in Garden Grove, CA.

System Integration: El-Com designs and manufactures ruggedized electronics, electro-mechanical or complex mechanical build-to-specification, and produces build-to-print systems and subsystems. These systems and products are fully aligned with the applicable military specifications including ATP functional testing and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) testing.

Cable Assemblies: El-Com System Solutions has over thirty years of experience in the design and manufacturing of complex military and avionics cable assemblies as well as specialty cables for medical and industrial applications.

Custom Metal Fabrication: El-Com System Solutions core manufacturing capabilities consist of a full-capability MIL-Spec welding, machining, and sheet-metal shop which allows us to utilize our CNC machining centers and CNC sheet metal punching capability alongside our certified military welding capability. By leveraging our internal Mechanical Engineering capability, El-Com can produce quick prototypes and production of high-quality, complex mechanical parts, frames, and chassis, as well as perform other mechanical product design and manufacturing services.

Mechanical Assembly: Our experience and proficiency in complex mechanical assembly is just one of the many things that sets us apart in the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Industry. This expertise allows us to play a critical role in providing true turnkey solutions, as well as leveraging our proficiency in design-to-manufacturability services for our customers. Our mechanical assembly department is equipped with automated equipment and managed and staffed by experienced and knowledgeable employees.

EMI/RFI Solutions: El-Com has been an authorized fabricator/distributor for Parker Cromerics for over thirty years, and continues to be one of the foremost leaders in specialized gasket fabrication for EMI/RFI, thermal interface materials, and EMI/RFI Applications Engineering. This is one of our flagship product lines. El-Com is capable of performing all secondary processing requirements and services from design, material selection, and configuration engineering, to die-cutting, kiss-cutting, slitting, bonding, vulcanizing and robotically formed-in-place gaskets.