Corrosion Resistant Emi Gaskets

CHO-SEAL® 6502 & 6503

Stable Corrosion Resistant EMI Shielding Gaskets
Nickel plated Aluminum (Ni/Al) Filled Silicone & Fluorosilicone

CHO-SEAL® Ni/Al materials provide the highest shielding effectiveness after long term aging testing of any EMI shielding elastomer gasket material. Ni/Al filled elastomers have th highest reliability, lowest need for field service and reduced warranty needs, reducing costs by 30 to 40%

Ni/Al particles have low transfer impedance (Per SAE ARP 1705). They are both inherently stable and have the best galvanic compatibility with Al flanges. This combination delivers the best durability and stability. Ni/Al particle filled elastomers provide the lowest amount of flange pitting due to galvanic corrosion. CHO-SEAL Ni/Al materials reduce flange pitting on all chromate treated flanges as compared to Ag/Al filled materials by 20 to 50%. Gasket designs for use in uncontrolled environments can avoid:

  • Ni or Sn plating of Al flanges and housings
  • Secondary outboard nonconductive gaskets
  • Secondary outer enclosures
  • Complicated partial flange painting

These eliminations can reduce the cost of a durable EMI gasket system up to 45%.

Test Reports

CHO-SEAL® 1298 conductive elastomer gaskets incorporate unique particle plating and elastomer technology for increased corrosion resistance. This gasket material is based on a silver-plated-aluminum filler dispersed in a fluorosilicone binder, with corrosion inhibiting additives that contain no chromates. It offers shielding effectiveness of 100 dB at 500 MHz and meets all requirements of MIL-G-83528 Type D (initial and aged).

Typical Applications

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