EMI/RFI Gaskets & Shielding

El-Com System Solutions provides in-house manufacturing services for precision cut EMI and RFI gaskets and fusion bonded O-Rings. We fabricate the chomerics material to quickly meet your requirements at the lowest possible cost. Shielding materials are available as die-cuts, sheets, gaskets, extrusions, rolls, compounds, moldings, tapes, and tubes. Our engineers will help you select from the unlimited configurations available for your specific electronic and/or electrical applications.

    Soft Shield

  • Soft-Shield Cho-Wrap EMI Gaskets are low-cost, low-closure force gaskets designed for effective shielding and grounding of commercial electronic devices. The gaskets come in thin cross sections that are ideal for backplane I/O and D subminiature connector shielding. They exhibit the shielding performance of foil and the conformability and toughness of fabric.
  • Soft-Shield 5000 Series gaskets are designed to meet the stringent shielding and mechanical performance requirements of today’s commercial electronic enclosures. The successful optimization of the electronically conductive jacket and the soft foam core results in a product that has excellent EMI shielding performance and an ultra-low closure force.
  • A self-terminating feature and available PSA attachment tape provides a cost-effective and user-friendly design solution for both series of gaskets.
    Mesh-Strip All-Metal Gaskets

  • Mesh-Strip gaskets are compressible, all-metal EMI/EMP strips that are knitted together into rectangular or round cross sections. Standard Mesh-Strip gaskets are knitted from either Monel (a nickel-copper alloy) or Ferrex wire. Chomerics also provides a special spring wire knitted mesh strip gasket in a hollow tube shape, and with compression/deflation characteristics of 70-80%. Other metals and alloys are also available.
  • Round cross-sectional gasketing is available with fins, which simplifies mounting by either riveting, spot-welding, or suitable structural adhesive bonding. The rectangular and round Mesh Strip gaskets can be held in grooves or slots by sidewall friction.
    Combo Strip Gaskets

  • El-Com System Solutions is the largest fabricator of Chomerics Combo Strip gaskets on the west coast. These gaskets combine mesh-strip gasketing in parallel with an integral elastomer weather-sealing strip. They are available with or without adhesive backing in a broad range of standard cross sections.