Trusted EMI Shielding: Cho-Form Form-in-Place Gaskets

El Com System Solutions feature a variety of Cho-Form products, designed to provide electrical and electronic shielding and sealing. Cho-Form products are dispensable form-in-place conductive and non-conductive elastomer gaskets, and they are used in a variety of industries. For example, the aerospace, avionics, security, automotive, and telecommunications industries all stand by Cho Form-products. Navigation systems, military electronics, and medical devices also rely heavily on Cho-Form.

Because of its versatility and resistance to corrosion, Cho-Form’s applications are many. Cho-Form may be used in many different types of metal or plastic substrates, including GPS wireless handsets, radio receivers, base stations, displays, enclosures, cabinets, control products, PCB covers, and PDA palmtop computers. While similar high-quality products exist, including our other shielding materials, only Cho-Form products contain extremely small cross sections, which lend to complex pattern applications.

Cho-Form products also contains high electrical stability and shielding effectiveness, which allows them to remain stable in severe environments and weather conditions.

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