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PREMIER™ EMI Shielding Thermoplastic provides world class shielding effectiveness and requires no machining, plating, painting, vacuum coating, or other added processing steps. The elimination of secondary operations can reduce costs by up to 50% compared to die castings, bent formed metal, machined extrusions and plated plastic parts.

Conductive Plastic

      Shielding Properties

    • Greater than 85 dB shielding effectiveness
    • Low through resistance down to 30 m
    • Highly conductive
    • High permeability (6.5) increases shielding effectiveness
      Environmental Properties

    • Recyclable – conforms to WEEE EoVL TCO
    • Compliance – RoHS, Halogen free, EPA
    • Up to 105°C Relative Temperature Index (RTI)
    • Corrosion free for long field life
      Mechanical Properties

    • High tensile strength and modulus
    • High flexural strength and modulus
    • Low density provides weight reduction up to 75%
    • UL 94 flammability rating of V-0

    • No secondary operations = Lower Cost
    • Six sigma processing
    • Waste elimination
    • Global supply available for rapid delivery
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