Mechanical Fabrication

El-Com System Solutions core manufacturing capabilities consist of a full-capability machine and sheet-metal shop which allows us to utilize our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centers and Numerical Control (NC) sheet metal punching capability alongside our military-certified welding capability. With our internal mechanical fabrication skills, El-Com can produce quick prototypes and production of high-quality, complex mechanical frames, chassis, and other mechanical fabrication services.

Additionally, El-Com System Solutions’ experience and proficiency in complex mechanical fabrication and assembly is just one of the many things that sets us apart in the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. This expertise allows us to play a critical role in providing true turnkey solutions, as well as leveraging our proficiency in design-to-manufacturability services for our customers. Our mechanical assembly department is equipped with the finest automated equipment available, and managed and staffed by experienced, knowledgeable employees.

Mechanical Fabrication & Metal Fabrication

EL-Com’s Metal Fabrication Division utilizes its full range of metal working processes and capabilities in support of our customers requirements. These services include:

  • Rugged Rack/Frame assemblies
  • Tight tolerance MIL-Spec welding
  • Precision machining
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Mechanical & manufacturing engineering support
  • Heavy Mechanical Assembly
Our precision machining facilities.
Our military-certified welding equipment.
Our mechanical fabrication facilities.