Welding & Welded Frames

One of our key support departments, the welding shop is instrumental in allowing us to offer the finest turnkey manufacturing services available. Providing full range welding services, the weld shop supports both our machine and sheet metal shops, welding everything from light gauge aluminum and stainless steel, to precision machined components, welded frames and many other item.

An active participant in some of our most complex projects, our weld department benefits our customers through early involvement in the manufacturing cycle, helping to ensure optimum process flow and top quality finished goods.

EL-Com’s Welding department:

  • Certified Welding Personnel
  • MIG, TIG, ARC Welding
  • Miller Welding Equipment
  • Welding to MIL-STD-2219


  • Spot welding – including aluminum
  • Tooling design and fabrication
  • Short to medium run production
  • Tooling and fixture design and fabrication
  • Straightening
  • Tight tolerance heavy weldments
  • Welded frames