Pola H Composite Gasketing

POLA-H ® is a composite EMI shielding and weather seal gasket strip designed for low frequency H (magnetic) field shielding, but providing outstanding E (electric) field and plain wave shielding as well.

The material consists of continuous solid copper conductive paths (ASTM-B-545) in a solid silicone pressure seal. Protruding tips of copper are plated with tin alloy (ASTM-D-152) for low contact resistance (high contact conductivity) at mating surfaces, a primary factor in achieving effective H field shielding.

POLA-H gasketing is normally supplied in strip form in 3 ft. (99.44cm) lengths (for longer applications 3 ft. lengths can be bonded together), in widths from 0.125” (3.18mm) to 0.625” (15.88mm), and in seven standard heights from 0.125” (3.18mm) to 0.500” (12.7mm). Custom fabricated gaskets also can be supplied to customer specifications.

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