Round Shielded Vents

EMI Shielded Round Ventilating Panels

Ready to install 360° panels provide maximum EMI shielding with minimum pressure drop (air flow resistance) for ventilating air. In certain applications, round vents offer fit and/or cosmetic advantages. The following styles: Cho-Cell™, ShieldScreen®, Shield Cell®, Omni Cell®, and Stainless Steel are available in round design. Round panels will also be available in brass and steel but only using the “C” channel extrusions (61-118-M, 61-125-M, 61-123-M, 61-195-M, 61-311-M & 61-140-M).

Typical framing for all panel designs, except Cho-Cell™ and ShieldScreen®, includes both an EMI shielding gasket and an environmental gasket, Chomerics COMBO® Gasket. Shielding gaskets can be designed to have the environmental gasket on either the inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) of the panels. Round panels are made of spun metal or circular tubing (6061-T6 or 6061-T1 per QQ-A-200/8 or QQ-A 250/11). All styles are also available with holes or rivnuts per customer’s request. Panels will be available from an OD as small as 2.0” up to a maximum OD of 15.0”.

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