Soft Shield Multi Planar Emi Gaskets

SOFT-SHIELD® 4800 Multi-planar EMI Gaskets

SOFT-SHIELD 4800 Multi-planar conductive Z axis foam EMI gaskets represent Chomerics newest innovation in soft foam based EMI shielding technology. The unique integration of electrically conductive fibers into low density foam provides the basis for a performance driven, cost effective EMI shielding solution. Soft-Shield® 4800 is manufactured in rolls and is easily converted into product forms applicable for I/O panels, backplanes, connectors, access panels along with rectangular/ square strip gasket seals. Through the optimization of conductive fiber construction, loading and dispersion within the foam matrix, Soft-Shield 4800 provides superb Z axis conductivity with extremely short ground paths. Since the integrity of the base foam is uncompromised, Soft-Shield 4800 offers exceptional physical and mechanical properties.

SOFT-SHIELD® 4800 gaskets are RoHS compliant.


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