El-Com System Solutions excels at producing higher-level electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies on a turnkey basis, providing complete electronic solutions that allow our customers to achieve their goals. To ensure success, El-Com engineers work closely with our customers to define the optimal product design that meets the requirements of the application and is producible within the budgetary requirements. The results are fully integrated electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies and systems designed and built to perform even under the harshest conditions.

El-Com’s rugged enclosures are designed for strength, serviceability, and modularity and offer the newest technologies to our customers, who deploy our systems on a wide range of military platforms, aircraft, ground vehicles, and shipboard. We are experts in all forms of thermal management support, convection, conduction, liquid-cooled, and thermo-electric packaging solutions. We create systems with a wide variety of options, including rack-mount or ATR form factor, shock-isolated or hardmount. Our enclosures are designed with the most stringent requirement guidelines for a variety of shock, vibration, and EMI standards, based on operating environment. Frequently, we perform full qualification testing to the environmental and EMI MIL-specs. Our deployed products range from Ultra Small Form Factor embedded computer systems and displays up to shipboards systems consisting of multiple 19 racks. Core competencies include system packaging, thermal management, software development, and complex I/O solutions, plus custom boards, backplanes, and power supply development.

El-Com’s products are available in multiple levels of ruggedization, including commercial, rugged, and super-rugged military, and in multiple mechanical/thermal formats. Our equipment and systems are designed to withstand high shock and vibration, and to tolerate a variety of temperature ranges, altitudes, and relative humidity. One of the increased benefits of our products is that our designs are 100% hardware and software compatible across multiple levels of ruggedization. This enables our customers to prototype and test commercial-level units more economically, then upgrade to military ruggedization levels quickly, easily, confidently, and cost-effectively, without having to change application software.

    Sub System products include:

  • Displays
  • Consoles
  • Drawer assemblies
  • Rack and stack
  • Box level
  • Full cabinet assemblies
  • Rugged Computers