Therm A Gap HCS Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers

THERM-A-GAPâ„¢ HCS10, 569, 570, 575-NS, 579 and 580

THERM-A-GAPâ„¢ HCS10, 569, 570, 579 and 580 materials are the result of Chomerics continuing product improvements. 570 and 580 represent a significant improvement in thermal performance and conformability over previous gap fillers and have rapidly achieved industry wide acceptance.

All five products are available on aluminum foil (A) or on “clean break” glass (G) fiber carrier. As with all previous Chomerics gap-fillers, the A versions have a high strength acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for permanent attachment to the cold surfaces.

THERM-A-GAP™ 575-NS silicone free thermal interface pads are very soft and provide enhanced thermal performance. Material consists of an ultra soft Acrylic elastomer filled with ceramic particles. These pads are best suited for applications where a gap of approximately 0.5mm – 2.5mm needs to be filled

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