Thermal Interface & Chomerics

Laminates of metal foil and dielectric film provide shielding and grounding improvements over conductive coatings and both board and enclosure levels. When properly grounded, a laminate’s foil layer provides a 10-60dB of EMI shielding at 1 MHz-1 GHz, equaling or surpassing the shielding performance provided by conductive coatings. The film layers provide insulation, scratch and puncture resistance, flame resistance and flexibility. Laminate shields and ground planes can include die-cut shapes, edges and holes for custom fitting intricate applications. Scoring provides extensive options, including six-sided enclosure shapes. Chomerics laminates typically feature specific areas of exposed foil that can be used as integral grounding tabs for component grounding.

Fabrication & Customer Service

As a factory authorized value-added fabricator of Chomerics products, El-Com System Solutions provides all of the services necessary to ensure a smooth and trouble-free interface between your design, purchasing personnel, and Chomerics’ shielding products.


El-Com System Solutions maintains an in-depth inventory of standard Chomerics shielding products including Cho-Form. Samples are available.

THERMFLOW is a phase-change thermal material specially formulated for use with high performance microprocessors and other hot devices requiring minimum thermal resistance for maximum heat sink performance and component reliability. THERMFLOW softens at device operating temperature to conform to irregular surfaces under low pressure, combining the consistency and ease of use of elastomeric pads with the low thermal impedance of thermal grease, but with minimum migration. Product line also includes special unsupported free films that can yield very thin bond lines of 0.005.

    Typical Applications: Power Conversion, BGA Packages, and Information Technology.

  • Micro-processers
  • DC/DC converters
  • memory modules
  • power ICs.

THERM-A-GAP elastomers are used to fill air gaps between components or PC boards and heat sinks or metal chassis to enhance heat transfer. The flexible, elastic nature of these interface pads conform easily to surface irregularities. High thermal conductivity and exceptional conformability of the THERM-A-GAP family of materials enables them to blanket highly uneven surfaces, transferring heat away from from individual components or entire PCB’s into heat sinks, metal covers, frames, or spreader plates, and allowing chassis parts to be used as heat spreaders where space is restricted. One-piece thermal interface materials provide electrical isolation and offer minimum resistance to heat flow, permitting heat generated by semiconductor devices to be removed to the ambient environment and ensure reliable operation of the devices.

    Typical Applications: Power Conversion, BGA Packages, and Information Technology.

  • electronics packaging
  • automotive electronics
  • power semiconductors
  • video chips
  • microprocessors
  • laptop PCs.


    El-Com System Solutions has complete in-house fabrication capability to fabricate:

  • Die-cut gaskets
  • Conductive O-rings
  • Kiss-cut and perforated laminates
  • Combo gaskets and strips
  • EMI/RFI vents

Sales and Support

We provide fast sample ordering processing, quick turnaround of production orders, consistent JIT deliveries, and value-added technical support. Special designs are available to meet your custom shielding needs.

El-Com System Solutions is the authorized value-added stocking distributor for NMB cooling fans and YS Tech fans, long recognized as the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance and reliable fans. Our fans are available in a wide variety of sizes, speeds and voltages. AC series are offered in 115 and 230 VAC up to 200 CFM. DC series with reduced noise are available in 5, 12, 24, and 48 VDC up to 230 CFM.

To support your cooling system requirements, El-Com System Solutions provides a full line of fan assembly products. We can supply the fans as well as the accessories. These include finger guards, filters and power cords. Also available are housings, wire harnesses, air filtration, chassis, fusing, switching and molded connectors which are needed for complete and reliable fan pack assembly.

By using our component inventories and assembly capabilities, you can take advantage of cost-effective, quick turn around for your custom sub-assembly and turnkey needs.