Thermattach T404, T405, T405-R and T412 Thermal Tapes

THERMATTACH® T404, T405, T405-R and T412 Thermal Tapes

THERMATTACH® tapes are a double-sided adhesive system that replaces mechanical fasteners for bonding heat sinks to ceramic or metal packages.

THERMATTACH T404 tapes feature a polyimide film carrier and provide excellent electrical isolation.
THERMATTACH T405 tapes feature an aluminum foil carrier for high thermal conductivity where electrical isolation is not required

* T405-R is a RoHS compliant version of T405 with no visual or functional difference

THERMATTACH T412 tapes feature a titanium diboride-loaded adhesive on an expanded aluminum (mesh) carrier for superior thermal performance.

This family of THERMATTACH tapes is embossed with a unique pattern for maximum conformability and minimal air pockets. They provide excellent thermal, mechanical, environmental and chemical properties.

Typical Applications

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