Thermflow T557 and T558 Multiphase Thermal Interface material

THERMFLOW® T557 & T558 MULTIPHASE™ Thermal Interface Material

THERMFLOW™ T557 MULTIPHASE thermal interface pads are phase-change materials specially formulated for use in high performance devices requiring minimum thermal resistance for maximum thermal performance and component reliability. T557 provides the high performance of typical phase change materials with the added benefit of improved thermal stability over conventional phase change pads. T557 is a 0.005 inch (0.13mm) thick, inherently adhesive film that softens at device operating temperatures resulting in “grease-like” performance.

THERMFLOW T558 is recommended for applications where rework and ease of disassembly are important. This new material provides the high performance properties typical of free-film phase change materials with the added benefit of easy removal. T558 is the same phase material as T557 which has been coated on one side of a conformal metal foil carrier. It is easily attached onto a heat sink or heat spreader, leaving the metal foil surface exposed. This foil eliminates the need of a protective liner, which simplifies the final assembly process and minimizes shipping concerns and contamination issues.

Typical Applications

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