Thermflow T766 Phase Change Material

THERMFLOW® T766 High Performance, Reworkable Phase Change Material

THERMFLOW T766 phase change thermal interface material is recommended for applications where rework and ease of disassembly are important. The material provides the high performance properties of typical phase change materials with the added benefit of easy removal. It consists of a tacky, electrically non-conductive phase change film on one side of a conformable metal foil carrier. T766 can be assembled onto a heat sink or heat spreader, leaving the metal foil exposed. The natural tack of the phase change polymer will hold the T766 to the heat sink, while the foil layer acts as a clean interface between the component and heat sink, allowing a clean break during disassembly or rework. The foil also eliminates the need for a protective liner, which simplifies the final assembly process and minimizes shipping concerns and contamination issues.

Typical Applications

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