Win Shield Mesh Shielding Mesh

WIN-SHIELD™ Mesh 50 & Mesh 80: shielding Mesh

Win-ShieldMesh 50 Mesh 80 provide exceptional shielding performance and can beused as an optical product, to cover airflow openings, to wrap cable,or other applications where a flexible shielding mesh is necessary.

Win-ShieldMesh 50 & Mesh 80 have light transmission of greater than 60% andis used as a standard mesh in many optical products. This mesh is morerugged than Chomerics’ standard WIN-SHIELD™ Eite mesh, allowing it tobe used in a stand alone fashion. The blackened copper reduces glarefor improved visibility. In addition, this mesh can be stretched acrosssmall vent openings to aid in shielding while allowing airflow.

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